Providing a personal, easy to work with, web development and design service.

The Process

  • First Step
  • Initial Concept
  • Mock-Up
  • Launch
  • Continued Cooperation
Start a dialog
  • We’ll go over what you are looking for and what we can do for you.
    • Upload new pages
    • Modify existing pages
    • One off website design
    • Periodic maintenance of new or existing sites

Explore Your Vision

We can do this several different ways:

  • Describe exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll make it a reality
  • Pick a site that has what you’re looking for and we can go from there
  • Give a rough idea of what you’re looking for and we can go from there
  • Through a combination of all the above

This step is fairly simple.

We’ll create a mock-up and of the site and go over any changes that need to be made.

Repeat as necessary.

Go Live

Once all the details are worked out on the mock-up.

We can:

  1. Set up a domain
  2. We’ll create a live version.
  3. Launch the site!

Looking Towards the Future

Depending on what you were originally looking for:


  • We either hand over the finished project


  • Continue with maintenance and updates